⌊ Mindlight / Visual Aurals ⌉

The Mindlight 7 is an odd device for the Amiga that connects to the joystick/mouse port and takes audio input through it’s built-in microphone or stereo mini-jack. The hardware converts the various incoming frequencies into data for the software to analyse and respond to with visual light displays in realtime. The visuals are very ‘trippy’ and mesmerizing.

Unlimited variation can be achieved using the Mindlight software called Visual Aurals by Mark Adams. It features a multitude of visualisation tools including:

  • Mozai & Kolai Objects
  • Screen Scrolling
  • Bit Splitting
  • Fade Layers
  • Multiple Colour Palettes
  • Colour Cycling
  • Drop Screens
  • Multiple Backdrops & Fader Types
  • Supports loading of presets
  • Sprites
  • Brushes & Images in the background

There are a huge number of parameters which can be tweaked including it’s responsiveness to bass and treble. It also features a MIDI control and live mode for use with a digitizer.

The best effects are achieved by using it in conjuction with a Genlock. For example, by pointing a video camera at the screen and mixing it’s input with the Mindlight graphics and video output you can get an amazing video feedback.

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