⌊ Retrotech Romance ⌉

Jellica’s “Retrotech Romance” is a Commodore 64 music disk / album that utilises 2 SID chips at one time to allow for six channel music on a machine that would ordinarily only allow for 3 oscillators or channels (suited for the 8580 SID chip as opposed to the 6581 SID).


The audio version is available on Bandcamp here.
The executable version that will run on a real machine (with 2 SID chips fitted) is available on CSDB here.

I designed the graphics and a custom character set for the actual Commodore64 music disk version – and each song has an accompanying picture that glitches whilst the song is playing when run on a real C64 machine.

A data version was released as an addendum to the Bandcamp release (now sold out) that also had some hidden data (see youtube links further down post).



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